CaRaT is an electric commuter car.Not so big to look at, but it’s very useful to you and supports your city life with safety.With really good mileage, you can drive smoothly and swiftly in the city.Choose your favorite color from 8 color variations. and enjoy driving with CaRat !


■ Economy

CaRat can be charged using an auxiliary cable in 3 hours and has a maximum driving range of approximately 50 to 80km.
It can accelerate up to 60km/h.


■ Comfortable

Not only is the CaRat suitable for shopping and commuting, but it can also serve as a great publicity tool for your business, thanks to its cute design and bright color schemes that make the car stand out from the crowd.


■ Spec

Length: 1,870mm Width: 1,166mm
Height: 1,565mm Wheelbase: 1,350mm
Curb weight: 540kg AC Motor: 5kw
Gradability:15% Maximum speed: 60km/h
Control Voltage: 48V
Batteries: 4 Sealed lead acid batteries
(Lithium batteries are available at extra cost.)
Charging voltage: 100V~200V
Charging time: Approx. 3 hours
Range: 50-80km Tires: 145/70R12


■ Information

Price in Japan: \¥980,000.-
Country of Production: China
Country of Development: Japan
Distributor: Tokyo Energy Design



Tokyo Energy Design
Phone : +81-467-67-9705
Email :


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