Large volume power generation system 460w / 920w

This is a “PV power generation system”
having innovative larger capacity than ever before.

◆Light and compact
As sheet-type amorphous solar battery that is light and can be bent is used, the solar battery sheet can be rolled, stored and carried easily.

◆Can be mounted on a car
As it can be mounted even on a small car, it can be carried to the desired place so that PV power generation is enabled immediately in any place.

◆Powerful large capacity
Use of main power supply is enabled, and the highest level of powerful large capacity (920W!) *1 in Japan is available.

◆Power supply for outdoor work
Can be used at once as power supply for personal computers or lighting even in a place with adverse conditions of power supply such as work site office or mountainous region, or outdoor events, etc.

◆Power supply at emergency such as power failure, disaster, etc.
Very useful for securing of emergency power supply for power failure, disaster, etc., or for charging.

■ Hi Power System specification

  • Output voltage 100V / 200V
  • Solar battery sheet *For 1 sheet (92w)
    Dimensions : L1,922mm x W 1,060mm
    Weight: About 2kg
  • Power generation: 920w/460w (10sheet/20kg)
  • Connection cable: 30m
  • Power supply unitDimensions : L616mm x W493mm x D220mm
    Weight: About 15kg
  • Battery unitDimensions : L630mm x W492mm x D352mm
    Weight: About 50kg
  • Battery capacity : 100Ah (50Ah x 2 units/1200w)


Sheet type solar battery system 80w type

■ System specification

  • Power supply unit Dimensions : L245mm x W375mm x H265mm
    Weight : About 8kg
  • Output voltage : 100V 80w (Max100w) / DC12V / DC5V x2 (USB)
  • Battery capacity : 12V10Ah x 1 units(120w) (Max100w) / DC12V / DC5V x2 (USB)
    Option : About 8kg
  • Sheet type solar battery Dimensions : L 1,700mm x W 500mm
    Weight : About 1kg
  • Input voltage : 14~17V (solar battery)
    Weight : About 8kg
  • Output voltage : 100V 80w (Max100w) / DC12V / DC5V x2 (USB)
  • Power generation : 1 sheet 40w
    Option : 2 sheet 80w
  • Connection cable : 5m


Sheet type solar battery system small power

■ specification

  • Output voltage: DC5V 8W 1.6Ah(USB)
    Dimensions: L360mm x W460mm
    Weight: About 250g


Small volume sheet type solar battery

■ specification

  • Output voltage: DC14V / 40w
    Dimensions: L1,700mm x W 500mm
    Weight: About 1kg
  • Connection cable: 5m



The feature of this sheet type solar battery is a light thing and there is water resistance.
Moreover this sheet type solar battery can be prepared for the various uses because even seawater doesn’t rust.
It’s possible that sheet type solar battery makes various products corresponded to the voltage, the amount of electric power generation and a layout.
When you’d tell the condition, we’ll produce a solar cell product as hoped.



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